Products Our wide range of products include artificial leaves, flowers, trees, bonsais. Our raw materials include leaves and flowers which are mainly imported; made of silk and polyester. We also use rare, high quality, fully treated trunks for our artificial trees that are one of a kind, as well as fiber glass for our exquisite Tropical Trees Collection. We engage in retail and wholesale trade, as well as export our products all over the world. Premium Interiors does not only manufacture and sell artificial plants. We also have Christmas Decorations during the Christmas season to cater to our clients’ needs.  History
Premium Interiors Incorporated was first established in 1993 as a partnership with Helen Ong as the managing partner. Then the business started to build up, capturing a larger clientele within Cebu City, supplying high quality artificial plants and flowers with unique designs and arrangements. Later on, it was incorporated as Premium Interiors, Incorporated. Thereafter, the husband and wife team of Engr. Tomy Ong and Helen Ong has led the company into what it has become today. Premium Interiors began its exporting activities in the year 1996. Since then, the company has had numerous satisfied clients. We are known for our unique and classy designs, which are of high grade and quality, but at reasonable prices
 The Artificial Plant Industry
To most Filipinos, the word artificial immediately connotes to being ‘fake’. Therefore it is unpleasing to the eye. And once you say artificial plants, one would immediately associate it with plastic. This is a common misconception that Premium Interiors Inc. defies. Artificial plants are not very popular in the Philippines, compared to the other countries. One reason would be the aforementioned misconception. Many have been using live plants to add some greenery inside a space. However, many are dismayed with the hassle of having to water the plants daily and take them outside to bask under the heat of the sun. With artificial plants, not only does it enhance your space, it also saves you the hassle of maintaining live plants. Rest assured, your plants will look real and healthy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Many department stores attempt to sell cheap ‘plastic’ plants, which many are enticed to buy. Unfortunately, many are dissatisfied with the effects of their purchases due to inferior quality and distasteful arrangements. We are the sole company in Cebu City, Philippines specializing in artificial plants. We, at Premium Interiors, Inc. not only provide you with the highest quality of products, but tasteful and unique designs. The trunks used in our trees are renowned for their distinct designs – one of the many other reasons our clients come back for.



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